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About us

Based on a many years’ experience in the field of ergonomics, revalidation and medicine, from individualized spinal drill guides to customized bedding, Custom8 designs products that fit the customer.

The past 10 years Custom8 totally focussed on products and services in the bedding sector. Custom8 assists manufacturers in the development and optimization of sleep systems and provides biomechanical, mechanical and micro-climatic test services for bedding products. Custom8 now offers a range of body measurement equipment and sleep advice systems for the use in bed stores.

Strongly linked to the division of Biomechanics and Engineering Design and the University Hospitals of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Custom8 holds a durable research base, which is needed to continuously modernize the bridge between engineering and medicine.

We believe that custom-made goods produce a direct positive influence on the welfare and well-being of humans, while an adequate application of information technology is able to avert any cost increase due to customization.

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