visual Material Testing

Material Testing

Assessment and Optimization of material properties

Custom8 draws from a wide range of material testing techniques to provide to bedding companies the information they need to assess and to optimize the material properties of their product.

Key Features:

  • Durability Assessment
  • Measurement of energy absorption (eg. Hysteresis testing)
  • Elasticity measurement (eg. Indentation)
  • Measurement of damp circulation, fluid absorption and fluid transportation (eg. convection testing), using the µCliMat
  • Influence of material properties (eg. Elasticity) on ergonomic performance
  • All tests on both material samples and entire products (mattress, bed bases, head cushions, top layers, …)
  • Strictly controlled test environment (temperature, humidity, vibration, …)
  • All tests according to international standards and regulations

Key Benefits:

  • Scientific-technological support to product development and assessment
  • Added value to marketing and sales

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