visual rLeaf Smart Beds

rLeaf Smart Beds

Patented technology

The rLeaf smart bed family is based on the patented technology to adjust the stiffness in a bed base module over a very broad range (from very soft to very firm). It separates the 2 main functions of a sleep system: on one hand provide comfort through the choice of the mattress and on the other adjust the support with the bed base.

This allows the user to adjust the body support to his personal needs on a daily basis without sacrificing comfort. As the technology adjusts the actual stiffness without changing the height, the mattress surface remains flat and the user experiences a natural reaction force when moving or changing posture.

rLeaf module - setting vs load

From an adjustable bed to a smart sleep system

the rLeaf smart bed comes in 3 levels:

In the manual version the adjustment is done by moving the sliders by hand.

The addition of an actuator has the clear advantage that the adjustment can be remote controlled, so that he can immediately experience the changes without having to get out of bed.

The smart bed is equipped with a sensor that detects body position and sleep posture, and adopts the optimal setting for each circumstance.

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