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Over the years Custom8 has developed several tools for the bedding industry that provide insights in the match of a sleep system with a specific body profile.

These tools can be subdivided in 3 main groups:

Each tool can be used on its own, or can be combined with a tool from one of the other groups to provide a more complete advice or experience for a customer.

  • Bodyscanners

    The Ikélo system measures a set of body dimensions that are necessary to make biomechanical calculations on body support and sleep comfort. The most important dimensions are the width and the height of the shoulders, trunk, waist and hips. Also the weight and the partial weights of body segments are measured.

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  • Sensormats

    The idoshape sensormat can be used in retail environments to evaluate the fit between a customer and a specific sleep system. By comparing consecutive measurements on different sleep systems, the best fit can be determined for this customer. Ideally the comparison is made based on a detailed measurement of the customer profile. Another version of...

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  • Simulation beds

    Have you ever wondered how you could experience the difference in support without moving from one bed to another? A single bed with our unique motorized R-Leaf modules can let you feel the difference in support over a complete range of beds and mattresses, without having to get off the bed … The motorized simulation...

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