visual Simulation beds

Simulation beds

Have you ever wondered how you could experience the difference in support without moving from one bed to another? A single bed with our unique motorized R-Leaf modules can let you feel the difference in support over a complete range of beds and mattresses, without having to get off the bed …

The motorized simulation bed is an IoT device, connected to the Internet and controlled by an interactive user App. An expert system provides optimal user settings for every body type (provided by questionaire or by measurement) and sleep posture, while the user can interactively fine-tune these settings based on user preference. If the simulation bed is equiped with a sensormat, the user can visualy compare the effect of different support settings.

As this simulation bed is mechanically identical to the manual rLeaf bed, it can be used to sell this type of beds with presets from the shop experience.

The simulation bed can also provide advice over other mattress and bed base ranges, provided that the mechanical properties are mapped in the software.

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