visual µCliMat – Measure Microclimate

µCliMat – Measure Microclimate

The µCliMat is a patented sensor mat containing temperature and humidity sensors specifically designed for the use in layered flexible materials such as mattresses and car seats.


The µCliMat is light, thin, flexible, stretchable and porous such that the mechanical characteristics and the microclimatological characteristics of the tested sample material largely remain unaltered by the measurement.

The µCliMat sensor mat is a modular system and is composed of a set of measurement units. Each unit is identical and contains a 4 temperature and humidity sensors. A sensor mat may contain a maximum of 128 units or 512 sensors. Up to 4 µCliMat sensormats can be connected to one USB port of a PC. To ensure maximum safety during measurements, all connections between the µCliMat sensor mats en the PC are galvanically isolated.

The µCliMat provides valuable information about the response of the different types of materials that are used in sleep and seating systems, and is therefore an important tool for our material testing service and our ergonomic testing service.


The µCliMon software visualizes and interprets temperature and humidity data that is measured by µCliMat sensor mats. In combination with a 3D multiple sensor mat setup thermodynamic analyses of heat flow and moisture transport can be generated by the thermodynamic module of the µCliMon software.

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