visual Personal sleep scan by Equilli based on Idoshape sensormats

Personal sleep scan by Equilli based on Idoshape sensormats

Equilli is a new player in the Belgian mattress market offering personalized sleep comfort. They have developed a sleep advice system (Personal Sleep Scan) for their modular mattress range. It is based on the indentation measurement from the Idoshape sensormat.

personal sleep scan measures the indentation contours

why use indentation for a personal sleep scan?

A pressure measurement provides information about the contact pressure between the skin and the mattress surface. It is very useful in the medical field where pressure peaks should be avoided for bedridden patients. It is also used in mattress shops as a measure of the comfort level of the sleep system. However, it provides no information about the deformation of the sleep system and thus about the shape of the spine.The deflection measurement of the personal sleep scan provides the necessary information about how deep the important body parts (shoulders, waist and hips) are sinking into the mattress at different sleep postures (back or side sleeping).

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