visual Smart bed at the Meubelbeurs in Brussels

Smart bed at the Meubelbeurs in Brussels

The smart bed based on the R-Leaf technology will be showcased at the Meubelbeurs in Brussels.

Custom8 welcomes you at hall 6, booth 313.

visual Custom8 develops smart bed

Custom8 develops smart bed

Custom8 developed a smart sleep system with 7 independent zones that are automatically adjusted for your body and sleep posture. The smart bed can adjust every module from extremely firm to very soft, while you are lying on the bed. It provides a correct ergonomic support and resolves your complex choice when buying a new bed.

Even with future body changes, the smart bed follows these changes by changing the settings of the 7 modules.

The smart bed can be equipped with a module that registers your sleep posture and actively adjusts the firmness of the different modules to achieve a perfect support all night long.


visual The future of sleeping systems

The future of sleeping systems

A very interesting story (in dutch) was published by Peter Vantyghem in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard about the future of sleeping systems (“Op zoek naar de matras van de toekomst“).

Even though we use them on a daily basis, few people in Flanders have attention for a good mattress or want to pay for it. Nevertheless the awareness is growing that a good night’s sleep, on a customized mattress, is worth a higher price. Sleep will become more hightech, and Flanders should join the movement.

visual BedTimes story: Mattress Manufacturing Reinvented

BedTimes story: Mattress Manufacturing Reinvented

BedTimes spoke with a broad cross section of the industry to uncover how advances in digital technology are impacting the design and manufacturing of today’s sleep products. Many of these advances were on display in the machinery halls and component showrooms of the biennial Interzum Cologne trade fair held in May 2015 in Cologne, Germany. As you read, mark your calendars for next month’s ISPA EXPO March 9-12 in Orlando, Florida.

Read the full story in BedTimes about the mattress manufacturing reinvented and certainly give attention to the part about ‘Foundational’ technology!

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